• ACR122T USB Dongle Mifare & NFC Reader/Writer

The ACR122T NFC USB Dongle Contactless Smart Card Reader is the token version of the ACR122U NFC Reader, and is especially designed for NFC applications requiring great portability and utmost user convenience. Developed based on the 13.56 MHz Contactless (RFID) Technology and the ISO/IEC 18092 standard for Near Field Communication (NFC), it supports not only Mifare® and ISO 14443 Type A and B cards but also NFC and FeliCa contactless technologies.

ACR122T is a USB Plug-and-Play USB device with CCID and PC/SC compliance, ensuring interoperability with different systems and applications. It is ideal for secure personal identity verification and online micro-payment transactions, including computer log-on, e-payment, home banking and network authentication.


  • CCID-compliant
  • PC/SC-compliant
  • Read/write speed up to 424 kbps
  • Built-in antenna for contactless tag access, with card reading distance of up to 30 mm (depending on tag type)
  • Supports ISO 14443 Type A and B, Mifare, FeliCa, and all 4 types of NFC (ISO/IEC 18092) tags
  • Supports new Mifare Ultralight C (via pseudo APDUs) and Mifare Plus SL1 (4 Byte UID, via pseudo APDUs) and SL3
  • Supports all 3 modes of NFC: reader, card emulation and peer-to-peer modes
  • Built-in anti-collision feature (at least 1 card is detected when multiple cards are presented)
  • Extractable USB plug
  • USB PnP
  • Bi-color LED


  • Network access control
  • Computer access control
  • Micro-payment
  • NFC mobile tag
  • Online purchase
  • Customer loyalty
  • Time and attendance

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ACR122T USB Dongle Mifare & NFC Reader/Writer

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